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Life Happens, Stay strong!


The only thing constant in life is change! But change is hard! During stressful life circumstances, you feel abandoned, rejected, and discouraged, unable to see a way out. As we journey through life, we experience both peaks and valleys. Sometimes life happens, knock us down so hard that we feel stuck in our valley, uncertain how to rebound. Our joy, strength, and hope fade, and we feel frustrated and failed. How does one power-up and overcome setbacks with a come back to victory?
You are gaining the faith to believe in yourself and trust God. You have an immeasurable advantage to box-out your seemingly out-matched opponent by His power in you, body, mind and soul. You have the strength, stamina, and speed to overcome the fear of defeat and REBOUND to victory. UPowerUp out of the valley of depression and the ashes of defeat! Apply the principles and techniques of Rebound Faith for you to rebound and “really” live, chayah (Hebrew word meaning to live!)

New Beginnings

“Every ending is an opportunity to create a brand-new beginning. You will not only survive but, revive and thrive to live an abundant life!”

Nicola McFadden

Nicola McFadden

Transformational Consultant

The CEO & Founder of Nikimac Solutions Inc. | International Bestselling Author, Rebound Faith: Chayah | Transformational Consultant | Life. Leadership & Business Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Doctoral Student

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Solitude. Prayer. Study & Apply the Word of God. Community with Believers.

Nicola McFadden

“Out of devastation; comes excellent innovation!”

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“God has blessed you beyond measure;

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God uniquely created you as a masterpiece with a Purpose,

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Entirely nothing has caught God by surprise, and He has a comeback for every setback you have experienced.

Nicola McFadden

Transformation Consultant & Coach