Establishing Black Partnership Networks

Estalishing the mechanism to connect participants and partners: churches, ministries organizations, entrepreneurs, foundations, non-profits key influencers and other change agents within their local communities. Driving awareness, desire, knowledge and commitment to social issues. Gaining the collective ability and reinforcement to motivate significant social responsibilities.

Empower & Transform

The goal of the "U power Up Transformation Strategy is to engage partners and participants in an effective strategy for empowering the Black community.

Enable Positive Change

We develop black excellence: resilience, persistence, and perseverance to overcome insufficiency, insignificance inferiority, and impossibilities. Transforming the lives of black individuals, families, communities, businesses and impact the wider society.


You are strong, courageous, and significant.

We enable black people to connect, create solutions and make breakthroughs happen.


We incorporate and acknowledge the unique experiences, cultures, collective influence, and voices of Black life and culture.

Black-led governance

People who self-identify as Black hold at least two-thirds of the leadership roles at all management and governance levels.


We provide culturally appropriate programs and services. Our organization's leadership table includes black leaders, and we frequently collaborate with other black-led organizations.


Our mandate is to empower Black people, equip families and transform communities.

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The UpowerUp Approach

From Empower to Transform


Identify the root cause of the issue


Inspire and influence


Implement and improve


Institutionalize the change

Black-centric support, services and programs

Top Categories

Strategically, UpowerUp is geared to target the core of the much larger or more complex issue or social problem, bringing a  more prosperous and sustainable solution to black individuals and their local communities.

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