June 15, 2020September 25, 2020

Black Empowerment

Black Empowerment


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Black Empowerment & Transformation

The current climate of a global COVID-19 pandemic, social injustice, and the disruption of life and livelihood is an excellent opportunity for us to unite and love. Focus on economic and educational solutions to empower and transform the future of the black community.

People are going through a range of emotions, anger, fear, worried, depression, joblessness, and hopelessness.

So how can be a part of the solution to inspire hope, love, joy, and encouragement?

Education is the great equalizer to implement and sustain the change to help break the stigma of racism or classism and ancestral poverty by exploiting the digital era to provide personal development, leadership development, entrepreneurial and economic opportunities.

This project aims to provide the capability and resources to overcome the barriers and hindrances by giving a sense of belonging through a community of progressive ambitious people who are learning, growing, and transforming.

Access to a social learning platform with a community, courses, coaching, and empowerment content.

Engage, empower, and equip the Black Community with the skills, knowledge, and information to rise and lead, advance in life, leadership, business/career, relationships, and well-being.

Your support in this social project will cover the cost of the program to find the funds plus to cover the cost to operate the program.