What does UpowerUp offer to black communities?

We are a black-centric organization that incorporates and acknowledges the unique experiences, cultures, collective influence, and voices of black people and culture in Canada.

Black-centric perspective

UpowerUp has a black-centric perspective: black-beneficiaries, black-focused, and black-led. All programs and services are delivered through black leadership, governance and employees.

Black-beneficiaries organization

We support causes that benefit the black community by offering programs and support that reacts and adapt to such communities different cultural identities history, and needs.

Black-focused organization

We provide culturally appropriate programs and services. Our organization's leadership table includes black leaders and we frequently collaborate with black-led organizations.

Black-led governance

We provide identity-centered services to the black community. People who self-identify as black hold over 75 % of our organization's structure, leadership, governance, and staff positions.
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We are not created merely to live or survive. We are made to live an abundant life, to thrive! We bloom where we are planted. Our situations are the soils of great harvest. We grow strength during our weakness, we are a light in the darkness. We are not ordinary, we are legendary! UpowerUp through every obstacle, setback, and disappointment. You are resilient, incredible, talented, and creative. Your life is significant!

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    An active partner network of transformation agents to lead, teach, preach, and reach you.
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    Programs for a community of participants

    A connected global community to engage encourage equip, and energize you.
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    Services for a global network of creators.

    Events to empower, educate, entertain and elevate you with stories, gifts, talents from our heroes and legends.

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