Melanin Majesty: The Symphony of Black Excellence

Melanin Majesty: The Symphony of Black Excellence

Rise, children of the sun, adorned with the richness of melanin,
Inheritors of ancient wisdom, nurturers of future kin.
Never question your worth, for you are diamonds in the rough,
Your resilience is your strength; your courage is tough enough.

Do not shy from the reflection in the mirror that stares back,
Marvel at the beauty, the power, the intellect that you pack.
In every shade of ebony, caramel, mocha, or honey,
Your skin is not just a covering; it’s a legacy, a journey.

The hands dealt to you may seem unjust, filled with strife,
But remember, the deepest valleys carve the landscape of life.
Walk hand in hand with God, let Him guide your path,
For the challenges you face are not just wrath.

From the Nile’s majestic presence to the Savannah’s fiery sun,
The tales of your ancestors aren’t just tales; they’ve just begun.
You are a testament to their strength, their spirit, their love,
A celestial blend of earthly grit and grace from above.

Setbacks may stumble your stride, cloud your sky with gray,
But remember, it’s in the storm that diamonds find their way.
Every setback a setup, each fall a chance to rise,
Within you lies a phoenix, ready to claim its prize.

Shine in the brilliance of your dreams, your ambitions so grand,
Let excellence be your guide; make an indelible stand.
Your black is beautiful, bold, a beacon in the night,
In the narrative of history, you are the highlight.

The whispers of your forebears echo in your heart’s beat,
In every stride you take, in every challenge you meet.
From the hands that built pyramids to those that sowed freedom’s seeds,
You embody Black excellence; you’re the fulfillment of their deeds.

So, wear your skin with pride, let your spirit sing,
The world needs to hear the melody of strength you bring.
Embrace the journey, dance with life, make your mark, take your stance,
Because you, carriers of Black excellence, are life’s greatest dance.

Nicola McFadden
Life happens; Stay strong!
‘U Power Up!

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