Set it & Get it Done! Club

  • Project Name: BOSS! Brand & Online Solution Service!
  • Client: Chayah Club
  • Project Commencement Date: February 1, 2021
  • Project Completion Date: February 1, 2025
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Come solo, bring a friend, business partner, team member, or give another gift for an additional of only $1.

Ready to shift from seed to superabundant harvest? Get the ideas, solutions, and help you need to take your business from the ground up! This program includes two LIVE group coaching sessions.

  • Gain mentorship and support addressing real-life issues.
  • Help you overcome what is holding you back in life, career, relationship, and leadership.
  • Start self-actualizing and multiplying in your business/career.

All of the most up-to-date and relevant information, as well as interactive learning and networking opportunities for you to connect, learn, and develop, with the responsibility and support you require. Change your mentality from one of scarcity to one of plenty—Purge procrastination. Gain inspiration and accountability. Get the skills, help, solution, and strategy you need to set it and get it done.

Project Overview

  • Ready to accelerate the attainment of your goals and celebrate your milestones?
  • Ready to shift from stuck to soaring?
  • Ready to pivot the career or business or start your side-hustle or publish that book in your gut?

Gain Exponential Transformation our Set it & Get it Done! Club

All of the most recent and relevant information, as well as interactive learning and networking opportunities, are available for you to connect, learn, and develop with the responsibility and support you require. Change your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance—get rid of procrastination. Get some motivation and hold yourself accountable.

We are tackling two major issues:

  • Having no documented vision of your future path or goals
  • Setting goals but not carrying them through to attain the desired results and objectives


Learn the methods, answers, and support you need to go from seed to soar!

This program includes two LIVE group sessions per week: group coaching, mentorship, training, networking, and assistance in setting goals, gaining accountability, gaining skills, personal mastery of the expertise, and solving real-life, leadership, and business issues to overcome what is holding you back and get you, your team, and business growing aggressively.

  • All the current and relevant information
  • Not just another online course but with interactive learning and networking opportunities for you
  • Connect, learn, and expand with the accountability and support you need.
  • Transform your mindset from scarcity to abundance.


For cash-strapped businesses and teams

  • Help with coaching and growing your employees so you can concentrate on strategy and operational problems.
  • Increase team morale by providing opportunities for growth, development, and team building.
  • Understanding the blurring of life, home, and religion, particularly in light of the pandemic’s effect
  • Engage, empower, and equip your employees, as well as grow them.


For Small Business Owners  – Pivot your business with the right business strategy and equip your team for exponential growth.

  • Evaluation of your current state
  • Development of your vision
  • Gap analysis
  • Define your market niche and avatar (ideal customer)
  • Define the right offer to increase leads, clients, and sales
  • Emotionally connect, inspiredly educate, exponentially transform your clients and your business.
  • Improve your branding and online business solution
  • Increase social capital and convert your community into loyal clients
  • Build your legacy, wealth, time-freedom




4 Proven Steps to Accelerate Your Personal Development and Boost the Growth of Your Leadership, Business, or Career


A. Current State Assessment

Deliverable: Diagnostics, 360-degree review, Mutual Engagement, SWOT Analysis

  1. Where are you now in your life, leadership, career, or business?
  2. What is blocking you?
  3. Identify your obstacles and oppositions PLUS objectives and opportunities.


B. Future Statement Assessment & Gap Analysis 

Deliverable: Vision Board, Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

Take your PILL as a remedy every day:

  • Clarity of your Purpose collided with your Passion
  • Define your Identity: Who you are and to whom you belong
  • Legend: Lead a Life of Significance
  • Create a Legacy that outlives & outlast you
  1. What is your God-sized goal (no constraints, fearless and limitless)
  2. Where you do aspire to be in 10 years from now, one year from now
  3. How do your personal goals align with the organizational objectives


C. Gap Analysis & Action Planning

Deliverable: Personal Development Plan, Masterclasses & Coaching

  1. What is your annual growth based on your vision board
  2. What are your 6-months goals to achieve the 1-year target
  3. What is your 3-month action plan to achieve your 6-month goals
  4. What is your monthly action plan to achieve your 3-month milestone
  5. What is your daily routine to achieve your monthly objectives?


D. Implement your personalized performance development plan to achieve your goals and aspirations 

Access to a Transformation Consultant with a unique skill set and the right toolset to renew your mind, help you achieve your goals, live your purpose, overcome setbacks, and work better as a team to meet the overall goals and objectives.

  1. Accountability partner and extension of your team and family
  2. Cheerleader (to see success and the gold in you at all times)
  3. Sounding Board (a listener to hear your emotions and feeling, so you are never isolated nor stigmatized)
  4. Coach
  5. Mentor
  6. Consultant
  7. Personal brand advisor (to elevate your unique image and social capital)
  8. Community building expertise (to break low team morale and social isolation by connecting and collaborating with the right people)
  9. Book publisher and storyteller (use storytelling to bring inspiration as we share life and leaders stories)
  10. Spiritual empowerment and prayer warrior (as needed)


A Vault of Resources & Support Available: Training, Masterclasses, Coaching, Consulting, Podcasting, Networking, Social Media Design, Website Development, Book Publishing


This package is worth more than $14,900 a year as an investment in each individual’s personal growth, team connection building, leadership development, and business expansion.

Come solo, bring a friend, business partner, team member, or give another gift for an additional of only $1.