Thrive – Men Empowerment Program

  • Project Name: Manhood & Men Millionaire-Mindset
  • Client: Chayah Club
  • Project Commencement Date: February 1, 2022
  • Project Completion Date: February 1, 2025
  • Project url:

Here’s to a revolutionary coaching program that fosters Spiritual Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, and manhood empowerment in Chayah Club. It is exclusively designed to support men as they partner with God to explore and participate in their mastery, leadership development, wholeness, and wellness to achieve their goals and aspirations. As a leader, your well-being begins within you and influences your manhood, family, relationships, work, and play.


“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.”
– Thoreau


Project Overview

This program supports Kingdom men, fathers, brothers, entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, and start-ups to partner with God. They investigate and invest in their spiritual maturity, godly manhood, personal growth, leadership development, career advancement to increase worship, wisdom, wealth, wholeness, and wellness.

You are the prince who professes Christ, the protector, provider, and promoter of your (current/aspired) wife, children, home, and family.

Yes, you can achieve excellence, success, passion, and purpose you dream of in life, relationships, career, and business, while growing deeper with God, mastering your personal and professional life.

Here’s to our revolutionary Men Millionaire-Mindset Club that integrates biblical philosophy, positive psychology, leadership development, social learning, brotherhood, and personal growth skills.


  • Coaching in Chayah Club
    • First 90-days transformational coaching with a thorough self-diagnostic and self-awareness.
    • Faith-based coaching and personal mentoring
    • Bi-weekly live group coaching
    • 24/7 DM, text, and email for Q&A, life, leadership, and business strategies.
  • Christ-centered Content in Chayah Club
    • Strategies and Bible study tools and access to live Daily Devotions or replay in the prayer podcast
    • Engaged King Power community, a brotherhood, global network, social learning club, and mastermind group
  • Masterclasses and Certificate of Completion in Chayah Club
    • World-class Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Self-paced online corporate training modules
    • Live group coaching and interactive training sessions
    • Training videos, online notepad, audiobooks, workbooks, ebooks, and other learning tools
    • Certificate of completion for each course
    • Downloadable and editable workbooks, ebooks, and audiobooks
  • Competency, Character & Culture Transformation in Chayah Club
    • A personal development and leadership coach, coaching resources, masterclasses, and workbooks
    • Learn one new skill each month to improve your resilience
    • Money management and wealth mindset
  • Community and Connection in Chayah Club
    • Networking, collaborating, and social learning in an engaged community with ambitious believers pursuing their purpose.
    • Global men empowerment, an actual spot to support men in Chayah Club with coaches and mentors
  • Conference and Wellness Seminars in Chayah Club
    • Features from lifestyle consultants, business experts, and wellness professionals
    • Monthly manhood workshops to teach new skills to improve your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social wellness.
  • Career Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development in Chayah Club
    • Accessible or affordable resources to improve your growth and success in your life, relationships, career, or business

Learn success strategies and skills to improve your personal growth, emotional health, mindset, well-being, relationships, career, and business.

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