Woman, U Power Up

  • Project Name: Woman, U Power Up!
  • Client: Chayah Club
  • Project Commencement Date: Feb 1, 2021
  • Project Completion Date: Feb 1, 2025
  • Project url: https://chayah.club/courses/woman-u-power-up-program/

You’ve cruised on the highway to success, but you’ve recently encountered a speedbump or roadblock that’s stalled your progress. How do you keep from getting stuck in neutral?

Project Overview

Here’s to our Women Empowership, Leadership Coaching & Mentorship Program. 

You can fast-track your development and get back on track with the Woman, U Power Up! Program. Catered towards ambitious women such as yourself, the “Woman, U Power Up!” is a revolutionary faith-based coaching program – social learning, leadership development, consulting, and mentorship in an engaged community with an exceptional servant leader.



We are rewriting the script for Women Empowerment. Ready to change your story?

Welcome to Our Woman Empowerment, Leadership Coaching & Mentorship Program.


Come yourself and invite other females, whether your girlfriend, mom, sister, aunt, niece…

This Year of Favor, Fruitfulness, Faithfulness, and Fearlessness. We are rewriting the script for women’s empowerment. This Woman Empowerment program is for you. This intensive program focuses on helping women of the Kingdom of God to be happy and satisfied in their lives, relationships, and careers.

Access our world-class workshops, faith-based coaching, strategies, and resources to equip you to set, accomplish, and accelerate your goals.


Hi, I’m Nicola McFadden, and I’m here to greenlight your transformation! I’ve hit that roadblock before. I have sat idle in my career and experienced setbacks that felt like I’d slammed headfirst into a wall. So I know what it feels like to be stuck in one place. Having to rev your engine and get the wheels turning again isn’t easy, and change is hard and painful.
But, by faith and works, I have driven past my roadblocks:
I am here for you!
I am here with you!
I am here to help you!
Let’s do this.


Get ready to:

Live Your Purpose.

Design the best you.

Cultivate Winning Habits.

Nurture Your Wholeness & Wellness.

Become Free, Fearless, Unstoppable, and Limitless.


With personalized seminars, coaching, corporate training, and mentoring, Woman, U Power Up will give you the competencies, courage, and confidence to become an effective and influential leader.

  • Improve your Self-Awareness & Overcoming Self-Disempowering Thoughts.

  • Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence & Agility to Increasing Your Happiness

  • Empowering Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • Communication Strategies to Catapult Your Life, Relationships, Career, and Business

  • Build Your Personal Brand and Business Vision

  • Proven Time Management, Personal Productivity & Success Habits

  • Faith is Your Currency; Leave Your Generational legacy.

  • Connect in the Chayah Club, a community of empowered and progressive black women.