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Depression, suicidal and self-sabotaging thoughts, and a feeling of powerlessness indicate a lack of personal empowerment. Many individuals experiencing loss, sorrow, brokenness, and need do not have the resources to seek aid, advice, and support.

This funding is intended to support Black people who need personal empowerment to overcome hurdles, pursue joy, manage stress, individually grow, and prosper in life.

Ontario, Canada

Personal Empowerment

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Personal empowerment is about taking charge of your own life and making good choices based on what you desire. It’s strongly tied to traits like self-esteem, self-compassion, self-love, self-care, self-worth, and self-efficacy, but genuine empowerment arrives when you transform your purpose, collide it with passion into performance.


Depression, suicidal and self-sabotaging thoughts, and a sense of helplessness are all symptoms of a lack of personal empowerment. You are the CEO of your life, and with the proper support, community, coaching, masterclass, and structure, you will develop personal mastery, bounce from setbacks, and thrive. This funding aims to assist Black individuals who need personal empowerment to overcome obstacles, intentionally seek joy, manage stress, personally develop, and succeed in life.

Personal empowerment allows you to take charge of your life and follow your passions, enabling you to live a life of significance, purpose, and excellence. Empowered people make more excellent health-promoting choices. With personal empowerment, you can achieve a lot of essential and gratifying things in your life.

  • Establishing progressive and healthy connections and setting appropriate boundaries should be sought for support and accountability in our personal and professional success.
  • Exercising regularly to feel more energetic and less distracted, which will help you feel more powerful.
  • Practicing regular self-reflection, mindfulness, and meditation can assist you in managing stress, overcoming failures, setting objectives, and carrying out action plans.
  • Developing structure and a routine and the desire to be empowered, equipped, and exponentially progress, creatively applying our intrinsic abilities and extending our potential



 A revolutionary personal development coaching program, masterclass and community in Chayah Club.

Wouldn’t you wish to feel this delight despite everything going on in a world full of worries, sorrows, and temptations, but your mind is tranquil and joyful? How can you instill such happiness in your life or the lives of others? It requires self-discipline and self-control, just like everything else, to put God first, seek His joy as your strength, and nurture happiness as a habit, faith, and lifestyle adjustments.

Please help support the Black community in making changes in their lives right away with self-empowerment and personal development!

Let us experience the proper mission and mindset, motivation, and motives for what gets us out of bed enthusiastic and engaged every morning.

  • Set objectives and be elevated with success habits, daily routines, and actions to increase joy, well-being, progress, and goals.
  • Be cheerful, optimistic, and structured with a daily routine yet flexible; try something new each week to boost your joy, peace, resilience, and inner strength.
  • Be equipped with a personalized development action plan, coaching resource, a joyful, loving, and caring community, Chayah Club.

A game-changing coaching program blends spirituality, positive psychology, personal development, self-compassion, mindfulness, and stress management to cultivate joy to boost inner strength, peace, personal happiness, resilience, and professional brilliance.


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  • 02-11-2021

    This project is now live on Krowd!

    So excited about extending this Chayah Club initiative, The 52-weeks, I Choose Joy Club through UpowerUp for funding and making a difference in the lives of so many people, seeking the personal empowerment strategies for self-mastery in their lives.  
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    First stretch goal announced!

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    Help us decide the next stretch goal!

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