Book Club in Chayah Club!

Book Club in Chayah Club!

Welcome to Rebound Faith: Chayah Book Club in Chayah Club!

Welcome to Chayah Club. We are so excited for you to join us. 

Chayah Club is our Christ-centered social learning club.

Chayah Club is a spiritual empowerment and life transformation community inspired by the book – Rebound Faith: Chayah.

Chayah Club is from the old Hebrew word, chayah, which means to rebound and ‘really’ live!

We are motivated by love to serve and empower you. Get connected in the Bible study courses, daily devotional, transformational coaching programs, groups, and discussion forums. Meet new people. Encourage others and be encouraged. Update your wellness profile.

Here is a link to your personal Dashboard – Chayah Club, My Chayah Club!



You are invited to join us every Wednesday at 9 PM EST for the Book Club in the Chayah Club.

It’s our zoom call and fire-side chat.

Mark your calendars, Monday evening date night – Chayah Club – To Live!

Grab your coffee, get your Rebound Faith: Chayah book and bible, notebook, and pens.

Get all groom, log in the zoom call, and turn your cameras on or off (doesn’t matter).

Let’s rebound and ‘really’ live!

God says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…”

Lord, we no longer want to perish for lack of knowledge.

Please participate in our  FREE weekly Book Club Zoom Meeting in Chayah Club, where we discuss and apply the Rebound Faith tools, techniques, and tactics

for you to

Rebound & really live… Chayah Club!


Join our Book club every Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST.

Please click the link below:


Join the Book Club Group in Chayah Club!


  • Discuss real-life issues and challenges
  • Look at techniques and tools to overcome and move forward
  • Connect and collaborate with others.
  • Gain access to the zoom call recordings.
  • Get free resources.
  • Access to pre-release audiobooks and downloadable books.

It is fun, reading, learning, collaborating, and connecting. Let’s keep going, growing, glowing, and glorifying God.

The Bookclub in Chayah Club is free, but it would be helpful and beneficial for you to purchase your copy of Rebound Faith: Chayah!

We thank you for your donation towards the help and support of our ministry.

God bless.

You are loved!


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