I Choose Joy!

I Choose Joy!

I Choose Joy; Challenge!



I Choose JOY!

The movement that celebrates you as you cultivate joy as a lifestyle.

Journey with us as we intentionally seek the JOY of the LORD as our strength!

Learn the tools, techniques, and tactics to cultivate JOY in your life.

Wouldn’t you like to experience this feeling of joy, despite everything happening in a world filled with troubles, tribulations, and temptations, yet your mind is peaceful and joyful? How do you cultivate such joy in your life? Like anything else, it takes self-discipline and self-control to choose God first, seek His joy as your strength, and cultivate happiness as a habit through fasting, praying, and lifestyle changes. Gain the tools and tactics for spiritual growth and personal development for your breakthrough, restoration,  and transformation for these next few weeks. Reset your baseline and routine. Establish a new trajectory for your life. It won’t happen overnight as it takes intentional practice and determination! This is not an event. It’s a lifestyle. Let’s get started on this Challenge; I Choose Joy!