Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

You’ve cruised on the highway to success, but you’ve recently encountered a speedbump or roadblock that’s stalled your progress. How do you keep from getting stuck in neutral?

Welcome to Woman, U Power Up!

Who could ever find a wife like this one—she is a woman of strength and mighty valor!

She’s full of wealth and wisdom.

The price paid for her was greater than many jewels.

Proverbs 31:10, TPT

Our Women Empowerment Program


I’m Nicola McFadden, and I’m here to greenlight your transformation! I am rewriting the script for Woman Empowerment. I am determined to empower and transform women from “the valley” of their life, living, livelihood, or relationships into “Women with Vision.”

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Come yourself and/or invite every girlfriend, your mom, sister, aunt, niece… Tell them 2021 is the Year of Empowerment and Advancement. I’ve just packed a Woman Empowerment program for you. This intensive program focuses on helping women of the Kingdom of God be happy in their lives, relationships, and employment. With personalized seminars, coaching, and mentoring, Woman, U Power Up will give you the competencies and confidence to become an effective leader. Access world-class courses, faith-based coaching, change management strategies, be equipped to set, accomplish, and accelerate your goals.

Since Chayah is a ministry under the non-profit organization, U Power Up, I am providing this package at a 75% discount on the cost of these services offered in my corporate-based programs on Mastermind Cafe.

Let’s do this!

This is your year of new beginnings – A Year of Favor, Fruitfulness, Fruitfulness, and Flourishing. Be intentional about it!

Our Women’s Empowerment Program offers coaching, preparation, and community to inspire, equip, educate, and motivate you. Learn wisdom keys to life, biblical and practical philosophy, moral empowerment, life change skills, and techniques. This course offers you the opportunity to improve your self-accountability, collaborative learning, coaching, and self-development as an empowered, influential, and positive individual.

Be intentionally away from the noise and distraction of social media for you to focus on your spiritual growth, well-being, personal development, and resilience.

Be equipped. This is the season for your rebound and Chayah, the Hebrew word that means to live.

So, welcome to the U Power Up, Women Empowerment Program.  An intensive, intentional, and interactive Women Empowerment course, community, and coaching, inspired by the international best-selling book series, Rebound Faith: Chayah, to ignite your inspiration, innovation, increase, impact, income, and influence.


The Woman, U Power Up is the transformational Women Empowerment initiative that provides the fearless faith, wisdom, vision, and renewed mindset needed to affect sustainable success. Women empowering other women. Men empowering women!

  • Designed to destroy roadblocks for growth-minded driven women.
  • Catered towards ambitious women such as yourself, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend, niece, aunt, cousins, mother, grandmothers, co-workers, female bosses, that is you or any woman in your life.

Enroll now as space is limited.

Explore the knowledge, wisdom, truth, and advice of empowered, enthusiastic, empathetic and exceptional sisterhood of like-minded ambitious women experts, inspirational storytellers, authors, coaches, powerful and influential thought leaders, both men and women.

  • leverage the power of the mind, experience, expertise, and faith
  • solve issues, create goals, conceive innovative ideas
  • develop and implementing new plans,
  • provide accountability – a kick in the pants!
  • become a leader, a legend, chain-breaker, and game-changer,
  • hone the art of working well with others for massive success.

Apply the principles, techniques, tools, and belief system of Rebound Faith for development from the inside out; renew your mindset, establish your vision, and hone your faith. We are here to support you to overcome obstacles and catapult your life, career, or business to the exponential dimension.

Enroll now as space is limited.

Become a life-long learner, being more focused on achieving your personal and professional goals, leadership growth, and business development.

Master your power of inner peace, renewed mindset, new attitude, and strength of character, confidence, and courage to define the Vision, committing to your Vow to rebound and make it happen.

Here’s your key to green-light your transformation!

Enroll now as space is limited.

I know you’re eager to step on the gas again!

Power up your life, character, conduct, career, callings, and relationships…

U Power Up in this online community, coaching, and courses. Engage in our upcoming talk shows, events, blogs, testimonials, storytelling, podcasts, videos, coaching packages, development programs, business marketing, and so on.

We are a tribe and we are determined to encourage, equip, educate, empower, energize, evolve, and elevate you.

Are you ready to transform your life and ensure you’re on the right track?

Let’s go!

Enroll now as space is limited.

The Woman, UpowerUp Program – The Power Package!

  • Kickstart with a thorough self-assessment
  • 1st 90-days transformational coaching approach
  • 90 mins of live and interactive group coaching, interactive group training workshop, and Q&A weekly
  • Access to our world-class Learning Management System (LMS) with our self-paced online training
  • Access to personal mentoring and mastering of at least one core competency monthly via DM and coaching exercises
  • Training videos and 12 online modules
  • Coaching resources, flipbook, and downloadable workbooks
  • Access to Women Empowerment community and social learning functionalities
  • Free or affordable resources to improve your happiness in your life, relationships, career, or business
  • 10% discount on your Chayah branded hoodie of your size and color.
  • Purchase signed copies of my bestseller books, Rebound Faith: Chayah + The Daniel Fast: Closing the GAP. 


  • Begin by Improving Self-Awareness, Time Management, Self-Leadership, Goal Setting and Getting Things Done, and Managing Personal Finances.
  • Focus on Increasing Your Happiness, Job Search Skills, Business Acumen, Being a Likable Boss, Entrepreneurship and Becoming an Influential Women in Leadership.
  • Control the emotions that overwhelm you and negatively impact your relationships, career, and growth as you are equipped with the tactics and techniques for Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Communication Strategies, Ten Soft Skills You Need to Improve your Assertiveness and Self-Confidence.
  • Get out of neutral with the skills for better Time Management, Work-Life Balance, Personal Productivity, and Critical Thinking, and Trust Building and Resiliency.
  • Start Taking Initiative, demonstrating Organizational Skills, Presentation Skills, and leading Virtual Team Building And Management.
  • Every empowered woman must be equipped with their new Personal Branding in life, living, and livelihood.
  • Introduce yourself to the new you!

Live Interactive Group Coaching and Group Training Sessions

Every Monday starting February 8, 2021, at 9 PM, EST.

Critical Performance

Each course has its own lesson objectives and a certificate of completion. After this program, you will be equipped, empowered, and educate to lead your life, relationships, career, and business as an influential woman.

Private one-on-one coaching sessions (zoom calls) can be added at the discounted rate of $100 per 1 hour individually. 

This is the year you launch and expand your business.

From idea to reality!

From prayer to manifestation.

From individual to the institution.

From merely living to build and leaving a legacy.

Let’s do this!

Enroll now as space is limited.


Women Empowerment