Men Empowerment

Men Empowerment

King’s Power

Brotherhood, Manhood, Fatherhood & Husbandhood.

The purpose of this group is to engage, encourage, equip, empower, educate and elevate a community of brotherhood, manhood, fatherhood, and husbandhood to our male, giving a support group and them a strong sense of purpose for achievement at home, school, careers, business, and society.

Men hurt too.

Men struggle too.

Men get depressed too.

Many lack the support to navigate through the stress and struggles of life.

Many lack adequate role models, and the support structure, systems, and services to help them overcome obstacles and sustain their desire to change.

We are providing the capabilities and resources to build, educate, and establish our male youths and men as leaders, providers, protectors, fathers, good husbands, and role models. Give to support Men Empowerment Ministry. 

The reward of being admirable as a God-fearing man, brother, father, and husband.

Men Empowerment