June 11, 2021

Day 162-From Pain… To Purpose!

Day 162-From Pain… To Purpose!


God never wastes your pain! God is about to rebound you from pain to purpose!

YOU ARE IN A DIVINE RE-BIRTH. It is causing a bit of pain, but GOD! He is doing some recreating, repositioning, repairing, resolving, restoring, recovering, re-building, removing, rescuing, redeeming, resurrecting and renovating in your life.

He’s redeeming your past.
He’s removing your battles.
He’s recovering your dreams.
He’s resolving your problems.
He’s re-birthing that seed in you.
He’s rescuing you from your enemies.
He’s repairing your mind, body and soul.
He’s restoring your peace, joy, well-being.
He’s repositioning you to where you ought to be.

From your ashes for His beauty!

That affliction is the very same area anointed for your exaltation and magnificence. That thing that hurts like crazy, that you didn’t understand how anything good could become; it is your seed of excellence. That area of brokenness, humiliation, the rejection that you caused you to regret, sleepless nights, tears – it’s your preparation for greatness. GOD will use that ‘battle scar’ to show off your purpose, a personal brand story for His glory!



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