Here’s to a revolutionary coaching program that fosters Spiritual Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, and a manhood empowerment group. It is exclusively designed to support men as they partner with God to explore and participate in their mastery, leadership development, wholeness, and wellness to achieve their goals and aspirations. As a leader, your well-being begins within you and influences your manhood, family, relationships, work, and play.

Yes, you can achieve excellence, success, passion, and purpose you dream of in life, relationships, career, and business, while growing deeper with God, mastering your personal and professional life.

Finally, a program integrates faith, positive psychology, leadership development, social learning, manhood, brotherhood, and personal growth skills.

For far too long, the violence has suffered; it is time we take back godly manhood and

With unprecedented changes, the rebound and aftermath of a global pandemic, blurring of life-work-faith, Kingdom men seek to make wholeness and wellness a shared vision in their lives, families, living, and livelihood. God wants them to live in Him and encounter His peace, grace, resilience, and experience the fullness, richness, and abundance of life.

We agree with the saints that we suffered violence for too long, but we are committed to the violence taking it by force. We have allowed and contributed to the spiritual, social, and cultural deterioration of godly manhood. There is a spiritual attack of the male/man’s identity, purpose, leadership in the home, church, culture, and society: his role, relationship, responsibility as covering and guide, and accountability to God.

There are many contributing factors:

  • Feminist movement/women empowerment movements,
  • Consumerization (women hold the wallet making the buying decision – 85%),
  • Divorce & Family Court System, Welfare, Gender Gap in the Church (majority women – 61%)

We, on the other hand, reclaim godly manhood and divine masculinity. We recover our men, males, sons, and boys. We respect and encourage them to assume their proper roles in the family, household, churches, businesses, and ministries must be leaders, guardians, providers, protectors, visionaries, and dreamers. They master personal responsibilities with the aim of sustenance and safeguarding manhood, husbandhood, fatherhood, brotherhood, and most importantly, their first-priority relationship with God.

“‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.“‘

Acts 2:17, ESV

God ordains you, our man, as a leader of nations, organizations, and the head of households. But, how do you lead and gain peace of mind in such a crazy and chaotic time – political, financial, public health, social unrest, and the challenge of manhood in society? Facing the beast of a global emotional and mental health challenge and leadership crisis and impacting life, living, and livelihood, amplified by the constant stress of life, families, relationships, and the workplace. You must be anchored in the truth of God’s word to believe in yourself, equipped and empowered with the right skills, renewed mindset, fearless faith, clarified vision, and resilience to cope, adapt and thrive.

We have also witnessed the impacts and ramifications of unfathered homes on our children and future generation.

  • Summary Based on various research and studies on fatherless homes.
    1. Children from a fatherless home are:
    2. Five times more likely to commit suicide
    3. 32 times more likely to run away
    4. 20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
    5. 14 times more likely to commit rape
    6. Nine times more likely to drop out of school
    7. Ten times more likely to abuse chemical substances
    8. Nine times more likely to end up in a state-operated institution
    9. 20 times more likely to end up in prison

A groundbreaking transformational coaching approach inspires and supports men, male leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, relationships, and lives.

Partner with God to explore in their self-mastery, personal growth, leadership development, career growth, and business transformation to achieve excellence, success, happiness, wholeness, and wellness.

These men recognize that their wholeness and wellness begin with their character transformation and impact their manhood, family, relationships, work, and play.

This unique Manhood Mentorship & Millionaire-Mindset Program supports men as they continue pursuing a wholeness lifestyle and wellness culture through leadership coaching, training, mentorship, social learning, and participating in mastermind groups with other global leaders.

Gain the nurture and empowerment of a prayer mentor, a transformation consultant, an executive coach, and a business strategist to support you with daily devotionals, learning new skills, world-class self-paced training, masterclasses, videos, workbooks, workshops, and seminars. But most importantly, partner with God. You haveGodwinning team to achieve your goal, live your purpose, become the best version of yourself, live this life successfully without sacrificing your wellness and righteousness.

A group of God-fearing men who seek to obey God and receiGodHis promise is abundance, happiness, hope, and purpose to live fully in Christ and Chayah!

The Power Package!

  • Executive Coaching
    • Personal Mastery: Begin with 90 days of transformative coaching to create an exponential breakthrough in business, leadership, and life.
    • 52 live and interactive group coaching, training, and mastermind group sessions (via Zoom)
    • Secret club and a safe place for collaboration, growth, and support
    • Millionaire mindset for ministry, motivation, mentorship, and marketplace
  • Christ-centered Content
  • Courses and Certificate of Completion
    • World-class Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Self-paced online corporate training modules
    • Training videos, online notepad, and other learning tools
    • Certificate of completion for each course
    • Downloadable workbooks, ebooks, and activities
  • Competency, Character & Culture Transformation
    • A personal coach, coaching resources, workshops, and workbooks
    • Learn one new skill each month to improve your resilience
    • Money management and wealth mindset
  • Community and Connection
    • Networking, collaborating, and social learning in an engaged community with ambitious believers pursuing their purpose.
    • Global mastermind groups
  • Conference and Wellness Seminars
    • Features from lifestyle consultants and wellness professionals
    • Monthly workshops to teach new skills to improve your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social wellness.
    • Participating in the I am Limitless talk show and podcast. Members are invited to participate in a fireside conversation to empower people, transforming business, leadership, and lifestyle on this open forum platform.
  • Career Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development
    • Accessible or affordable resources to improve your growth and success in your life, relationships, career, or business

Learn success strategies and skills to improve your personal growth, emotional health, mindset, well-being, relationships, career, and business.

This program supports Kingdom men, fathers, brothers, entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, and start-ups to partner with God. They investigate and invest in their spiritual maturity, manhood, personal growth, leadership development, career advancement to increase worship, wisdom, wealth, wholeness, and wellness.

Let’s be transparent and do the Maths regarding the value of your investment in your transformation!

What’s IncludedValue
1st 90-days transformational coaching @ $199 monthly
Renew. Restart. Rebound You!
3 downloadable & editable workbooks @$40
12 Corporate training workshops @ $199 each
including LMS, ebook, audiobook, and workbook
Bi-weekly group coaching sessions
26 LIVE monthly interactive coaching, consulting, training, and mentoring sessions weekly @ $500 per session.
Be joyful despite it all52-Week Challenge; I Choose Joy!
12-Monthly Live interactive group session
Three workshops (LMS, ebook, audiobook, workbook)
52-weekly I Choose Joy editable Journals (no printing needed)
Pursue your wholeness & wellness: The Daniel Fast Program
Be free & fearless: 365 Live Fearlessly Bundle
I AM LIMITLESS. An open forum platform where participants are encouraged to engage in a fireside chat to empower people; transform business, leadership, and lifestyle. Showcase your life journey, express your emotions, personal brand, products, and business as part of your development in public speaking. Include an edited digital copy of your presentation, promotion & digital marketing.$2,400
The total value of the program: $29,201
12 Monthly subscription value: $2433
Super Discounted monthly subscription

Live Interactive Manhood & Millionaire-Mindset Club

  • Weekly Group Coaching, Scheduled Saturdays from 7 AM – 10 AM EST.
  • Bi-weekly private mentoring

Critical Performance

Each Masterclass has its lesson objectives and a certificate of completion. After this program, you would have shown the opportunity to implement the core dimensions of wellness to make good choices to live a wholeness lifestyle and wellness culture.