What do we do?

What do we do?

As the CEO, Founder, and Executive Director of U Power Up Canada Inc., I lead a dynamic, Black-centric non-profit organization aimed at empowering and enriching the lives of Black Canadians. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to unify the Black community around vital ideas, honoring and incorporating their unique experiences, collective influence, cultures, and voices. In my role, I spearhead efforts to bolster the capacity of Black-led and Black-serving community-based organizations. I am passionate about catalyzing systemic changes to ameliorate conditions for Black Canadians, and actively work towards dismantling long-standing institutionalized discrimination and prejudice.

At U Power Up, we respond proactively to emerging issues impacting the Black community. In service of this, we offer transformative coaching and mentorship programs, and are in the process of establishing a community center for Black women, men, and youth. This center will serve as a meeting place, entrepreneurial think-tank, and an incubator for small businesses helmed by Black entrepreneurs. As a Black-led organization, U Power Up’s executive leadership and governing bodies are predominantly composed of individuals who identify as Black. We primarily serve Black Canadians and are committed to including their unique perspectives, needs, and experiences in our service planning and implementation. The voice and input of the community remain our priority throughout program development, enabling us to effectively assess, sustain, and improve our services.

To continue our mission and extend our reach, we are actively seeking grants, donations, and crowdfunding support. Your contribution can make a significant difference and create lasting change within the Black community. Connect with me today to learn more about how you can support our cause.

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